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Meet LaShonda

Certified Financial Educator & Licensed Financial Professional

"Unlocking financial independence through education and empowerment."

Greetings Friends,


I'm LaShonda Johnson—your Certified Financial Educator and Licensed Financial Professional. Welcome to my corner of the digital realm! Here, judgment is left at the door, as we embark on a transformative financial journey together. Much like many of the wonderful individuals I've assisted over the last fourteen years, I made a lot of mistakes with money, had a strong desire to do better financially but no clue how to make it happen.


Let's rewrite your financial story, one informed decision at a time.

After being a successful business owner for several years, I found myself unprepared for retirement. I had mastered the art of working hard for money and spending it without much regard. I knew nothing about how to make my money work for me. I saved money in traditional bank savings accounts and watched them obtain no growth. Unfortunately, my attempts at figuring out the basic principles of personal money management proved futile and resulted in me seeking professional help. Through the financial education and services that I received, I learned how money works, options to prepare for my future, and how to leave a legacy for my family. I immediately thought of how I could help many people in the same position as myself. My family, friends, colleagues, and people in the community would be included. I later obtained a state license and certification to educate individuals and independently distribute financial products to help them achieve their financial goals.

Throughout my professional career I have had the pleasure of providing financial education to organizations such as PFPMA, (Professional Football Players Mothers Association), Kimpact Program through Kairos Investment Management Company, HCA Health Care’s ; The Voice-Black Colleague Network, N.A.H.S.E. Houston Chapter, Sistahz Full Circle Non Profit Organization, HBREA, Co-founded HHOF, Inc., a company to sponsor events to bring fun into finances for the community, taught workshops, blogged via social media, hosted radio shows, podcasts, spoke at countless speaking engagements and taught classes to branches of YMCA and Houston Community College. It is my passion and mission to educate and empower individuals with basic financial education to equip them with the knowledge necessary to make better financial decisions. One can achieve better when they know better.


As a devoted mother, grandmother and godmother who loves my family and is actively working on leaving a pecuniary legacy, I know how important it is to become FINANCIALLY FREE! With discipline and consistency financial freedom can be achieved! You can do it! I can help! Book your personal financial strategy session and lets get started!

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