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Providing A Pathway For Everyone To Build Wealth.

Begin or reset your financial journey wherever you are and let's work together to get you where you want to be. 

Meet LaShonda

Certified Financial Educator & Licensed Financial Professional

“Financial education is the gateway to financial independence.”


Greetings Friends,


I'm LaShonda Johnson—your Certified Financial Educator and Licensed Financial Professional. Welcome to my corner of the digital realm! Here, judgment is left at the door, as we embark on a transformative financial journey together.

Much like many of the wonderful individuals I've assisted over the last fourteen years, I made a lot of mistakes with money, had a strong desire to do better financially but no clue how to make it happen.


Let's rewrite your financial story, one informed decision at a time.


Build Your Financial House


Proper Protection


Debt Management


Emergency Fund




Estate Planning


Everyone Deserves To Plan

For Their Future.

LaShonda Johnson is a great person to work with when you and your family need life insurance. She has a wealth of knowledge to help you determine what options are best for you. She is patient and takes time to ensure your questions are answered and that you have a clear understanding of what financial plan meets your needs. If you’re looking to enhance your financial portfolio, LaShonda will identify additional tools to build your capital gain. 

For your financial needs, I would recommend you review LaShonda’s bio and schedule your free appointment for more information. I’m pleased with the service I’ve received thus far.

- B. Williams

LaShonda is the best! She has been handling all of my insurance needs since 2009. I love her beautiful personality and warm spirit.


She has always customized a plan that was just what I needed for my budget. She is great at educating and simplifying financial literacy so even a child can understand how money works. I always have a smile when I refer people to her because I know that her knowledge is going to change their lives for the better.

- T. Williams 

After speaking with Ms. LaShonda I was left feeling so inspired about my future in so many ways. I learned so much in our conversation about life decisions that you don’t discuss in everyday life but should. There is no subject that went untouched when making sure we secured a future for our kids and their kids. I totally love her.


She was patient and made sure we understood everything. I am 100% sure my husband and I made the best decision for our family that we regret we didn’t have knowledge of sooner. I can’t thank her enough for guiding us in the right direction.

- C. Davis

Begin or reset your financial journey wherever you are and let’s work together to get you where you want to be.

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